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Dear fellow marketers,

What is the secret to making money in the internet? It is a well-known fact that Money Is In The LIST. When you build a your very own database of contact list, you will be able to promote to them forever and reap a perpetual internet income.


Build A Long Term Internet Business with
Your Very Own Email List Which You Can Benefit From
Again And Again

So, how do you build a list? You need a program that demands the attention of every visitor, intelligently collects their emails and sends automatic welcome emails to them.


Put an autoresponder form on your website to collect emails
Without complicated script installation,
writing a single line of code,
& Without monthly subscription


The following are the essential ingredients of a continuous profit-churning web business:

Essential ingredient #1
A web form on the sales page to capture the visitors' email, usually offering valuable downloads or free information.

Essential ingredient #2
An attention grabbing pop-up or fly-in ad that demands the direct response of the visitor.

Essential ingredient #3
An automatic email responder program that immediately follows up with visitors who submit the form.

Essential ingredient #4
Redirection of the visitor to the product download page or a one time offer sales page upon submission of the form.


Introducing the TOTAL SOLUTION : Automatic Email Responder

Unlock The Secret Techniques That Professional Internet Marketers Use to Generate Non-Stop Profits :

8 attention-grabbing direct response form templates

Javascript integrated lead capture forms with email syntax validation

Smart form checker for required fields before submit

Double-optin email subscription to get only verified leads

Customisable autoresponse follow-up email with personalisation

Instant notification of visitors' first names and email addresses

Automatic redirection to any promotion page of your choice

Fully hosted form submission and email sending

100% no-block and customisable DHTML pop-ups

Creation of multiple campaigns, forms, emails and pop-ups

Take action now to start making money in the internet. Start growing your list today to sky-rocket your profit.


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